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Conferencia: Globalization and Disruption of Services: Opportunities for Latin America and the Carib

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Today’s global service providers accept disruption as the new normal. Having participated in, weathered,or arisen from the digital revolution, today’s service companies are forward-looking and adaptable. Latin American businesses and governments continue to thrive and look to the future. As the revolution barrels onward, 2018 was defined by the “coming of age” of technologies including blockchain, voice-based virtual assistants, and AI deep learning. In an economy characterized by technological interconnectivity, increased globalization, and everything-as-a-service, there is a multitude of new opportunity for LAC. Further, LAC’s diverse economies benefit from increased cross-sector innovation (e.g. FinTech and AgTech). But in addition to responding to opportunity, success in this age means avoiding key pitfalls –data security breaches, pricing issues, or any perceived inconvenience can mean customers move on to the next best thing. This opening session will provide a broad overview of the status of the global services sector, illuminating trends in the region and providing global context for the sessions to come. MODERATOR & SPECIAL INTRODUCTION Fabrizio Opertti, Manager, Integration and Trade Sector, Inter- American Development Bank (USA) SPEAKERS Pablo Beramendi, Director General Argentina, Google (USA) Juan de Antonio, Founder & CEO, Cabify (Spain) María Paula Arregui, Product SVP, MercadoPago, MercadoLibre (Argentina) Martín Migoya, CEO, Globant (Argentina) Jordi Botifoll, President Latin America & Senior Vice President in the Americas, Cisco (USA)

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